Amcrest Pro HD 1080p Video Security Camera System

Amcrest Pro HD 1080p Video Security Camera System – In this imperfect world, everyone is trying to keep something or someone safe from people with bad intentions. Homes, offices, shopping malls are better kept safe with full security details.

Nastiness lurks even in the nicest of neighborhoods, and homeowners and businessmen are taking it upon themselves to ensure the safety of their loved ones, and of their property.

Security cameras are proving to be increasing in popularity.They are also improving in effectiveness to combat insecurity in many neighborhoods, business areas, and offices.

Amcrest Pro HD 1080p 960H Video Security System Four 800+TVL Weatherproof Cameras, 65ft Night Vision, 984ft Transmit Range, 500GB HDD is one of the most advanced surveillance systems you can come across today.

This product features lots of new features that revolutionize modern surveillance industry to a greater length. When it comes to creativity, informativeness, and effectiveness, this surveillance system has outdone most of its competitors by far.

Amcrest Pro HD 1080p


Who Needs this Product?

  • Business owners
  • Homeowners
  • Security firms


Feature about Amcrest Pro HD 1080p Video Security Camera :

Motion Detection and Alerts

You can use your DVR to customize motion detection just the way you want. You can simply set a perimeter zone, specify areas of the camera motion grid that are active, or even set a 24/7 schedule for when your alarm system should arm or disarm.

You can also customize the motion sensor’s sensitivity to prevent any false alarms caused by moving plants. When a camera detects any motion as per your customized settings, it can trigger several security responses such as turning your DVR buzzer, triggering recording, and send an alert email.

High-Quality HD Video

960H video security standard offers widescreen high definition with the use of advanced image sensors that can allow for 34 percent increased resolution above D1 traditional CCTV systems.

700 served as the highest possible line density for long before the introduction of the 800+ TVL. This DVR system can handle amazing density of detail from 800+ TVL and can go a step further with its fully uncompressed signal transmission.

This way, it eliminates latency to deliver accurately real-time feeds with crispy HD image unrivaled by any other similar TVL platform.

Day and Night Surveillance

The 800+TVL heavy-duty metal bullet cameras boast a 3.6mm lens with an impressively wide viewing angle of 75 degrees.

It also features 24 high-intensity IR LEDs for night vision, and that offer exceptional clarity of images at distances up to 65 feet. The camera has an infrared mode that is automatically activated by low light conditions.

With the system’s uncompressed signal broadcast, it delivers real-time optimally reliable video security without delay or loss.

Remote Viewing on PC and Mobile Devices

Amcrest Pro HD 1080p is a new generation of security surveillance systems that has revolutionized closed-circuit surveillance by bringing remote access to life.

Amcrest Pro HD 1080p

Its camera channels are all HTTPS-encrypted and run on your network with the use of DVR as the central hub. Therefore, access is much easier to guard than on an IP-based system.

It has a ground-breaking and innovatively designed interface that allows you to view your 960H system on your smartphone or your PC.

Ultra-Long Continuous Recording and Backed-Up by USB

This camera system features a preinstalled 500 GB HDD that allows you to record on all channels continuously and simultaneously at the optimum 960H resolution for up to 6 days.

You can also record continuously for 30 days or more before it runs out of storage space. This is possible if you utilize the space-saving lower resolution and motion detection settings.

In such events, you can set you DVR to automatically overwrite your oldest internally stored video footage. Alternatively, you can transfer previous footage by USB to an external hard drive.


  • Pre-installed 500 GB Hard Drive provides ample space
  • USB backup feature
  • Four high-resolution cameras


  • Installation might need an expert


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do the cameras receive power? Is it through a separate cable from the signal cable?

A: It is a single wire with two plugs. One plug for power and the other for video.

Q: How can I set up smart phone viewing?

A: You simply download the app, put in some numbers to identify your system on the internet, and open the app; pretty easy.


Final Verdict

With Amcrest Pro HD 1080p of 960H Video Security System Four 800+TVL Weatherproof Cameras, 65ft Night Vision, 984ft Transmit Range, 500GB HDD intruders will have their every move illumined and captured in extensive details.

What better way can you keep your property safe if not with this Amcrest 960H Video Security system? Many users who have tried it out have praised it for its beauty, lots of advanced features, and reliability among other qualities.



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