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Best Wireless Home Security System  Arlo Pro Security System with Siren Review

Best Wireless Home Security System – In these days locks aren’t enough to keep your home safe. You feel like look after your home while you are out. “Arlo Pro Security System with Siren” is the best solution to your anxiety. This is the best camera in the market.

Best Wireless Home Security System provides you the best features of the latest technology. It will help you to keep watching all over the places of your home. The functions of the camera are so organized that you can find yourself at ease with the functionalities. Also, it comes with the siren system so burglars will think twice before breaking and entering your house. It can be operated through iOS and Android.

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Best Wireless Home Security System :

Product Description:

Arlo pro Best Wireless Home Security System is 100% wireless camera. It means you do not need any kind of wire to connect and operate this camera. Each camera is operated by battery. The most interesting part of this camera is weatherproof. This camera is fully weatherproof. So, you can put this camera outside or inside wherever where you want. This camera can easily mount to a wall or a flat surface like the ceiling. It can attach easily because the magnetic mount system it has. The mount helps you to position your camera at pretty much any angle you desire for. This camera comes with a base station and this station has to be wired to your router.


Key Features:

  • Slick Design and Stylish look
  • Fully wireless
  • Weather proof and suitable for indoor or outdoor
  • Rechargeable and long-lasting battery with fast charging
  • Two-way audio feature including built in mic and speaker with enable push-to-talk capabilities
  • Free Cloud Recordings for 7 days
  • Accessing recordings of past 7 days
  • Wide angle 130-degree coverage
  • HD quality video recording and streaming
  • Night vision enable
  • Loud smart siren with 100+ decibel
  • Accessible videos from camera
  • USB storage system



  • It is weather resistant
  • Stable video quality
  • Flexibility
  • Both wifi and ethernet enable
  • Easy mounting on the wall
  • Wide area covering
  • Loud siren



  • Arlo pro has its own cloud server and app where you can edit and set the function of your own.
  • It has motion detector so that it can detect any movement and start recording as well as warns you.
  • Arlo pro has geofencing option enabled which means if you leave your house it triggers the armed mode by itself.
  • You can control and see the videos via your mobile app.
  • This camera has a 720p resolution of video recording along with mic and speaker on each camera.
  • Arlo pro has sync option which takes no longer than 4 to 5 sec to sync with your devices as well as cameras.
  • You can manually change the battery life of the camera, video quality, sensitivity quality and so on.
  • Buy a spare battery so that you do not have to worry about running out of charge.
  • Also can add external hard drive or pen drive to get the video footage from the cameras.
  • It starts recording as soon as it detects some movement.
  • The charge of cameras lasts long.



  • These cameras are battery operated that means you have to check the battery life continuously and change the battery as well.
  • In 720p battery life doesn’t last long. It will last 4-6 months.
  • Arlo pro is quite expensive and the other accessories of this camera are expensive too.
  • This camera comes with only 4 cameras and 4 camera packs are quite costly enough.
  • It comes with the 720p option of the camera so that you can not see pretty much of any number plate or face that clear.
  • Arlo pro records only for two minutes and the default settings are 10 seconds.

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  • Does it charge at a regular pace?

Ans: No, it comes with fast charging cable.

  • Does it delay to record after detecting any object or human?

Ans: No, the issue has been fixed in Arlo pro.

  • How long it takes to charge the camera?

Ans: It takes approximately 2.5 hours.

  • How am I supposed to know if it is fully charged or not?

Ans: There is an indicator which shows the battery charging effect.



The “Alan Pro Security System with Siren” is the best security camera available in the market. Arlo pro security camera system may have seemed overpriced to many people but the functionalities of the cameras are up to date with the latest technology along with wireless mode and 720p video recording quality.  So this camera will be best Wireless Home Security System for you. See more about best security camera reviews.



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