Samsung Security Camera Reviews – 16 Channel All in one DVR Security System

Samsung security camera

Samsung Security Camera Reviews – Samsung SDR-C75300 is a complex 16 channel all-in-one DVR security system which consists of 12 high definition cameras which can easily be customized to provide advanced monitoring and notification options.

This system can easily be accessed by your smartphones, laptops or from the emails at anytime, anywhere in the world using the free Samsung iPOLiS app.

The IP security cameras are weatherproof and dustproof thus are designed to last longer. The system comes with 12 high definition cameras, 2TB hard drive, 720 TVL, 16 channels and a DVR for a recording of your video.

The 720 TVL resolution cameras provide daytime color, true and clear restored night vision up to 82 feet. This system also allows privacy of adhesive Samsung feature which allows the user to block unwanted areas and only focus on the important points of interest of camera view which greatly eliminate unnecessary motion detection alerts.

Samsung 16 Channel All in one DVR Security System Review

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At a glance Features of  Samsung Security Camera of 16 Channel DVR System : 

  • Full HD 1080P 16 Channel DVR with 2TB HDD
  • Compatible with 1080P Analog (AHD) BNC Cameras such as SDC-9443BC and SDC-9443DF; Backwards compatible with previous BNC Cameras
  • Cameras and Camera Cables not included
  • Smartphone and PC ready. View Anytime/Anywhere! Remote viewing

Trustworthy Protection

This system will provide your home or business with security you can trust. This Samsung SDR-C75300 offers 960H high-resolution videos in a spectacular way.

The set box comes with everything you will need in setting up the system. The system includes a 16 channel 960H high-resolution DVR with a 1TB hard drive and 12 720TVL cameras.

You will be able to access all that is happening at the comfort of your phone or PC on what matters most to you. Samsung will offer you also with a lifetime support. Thus, you will always be covered.

720TVL High-Resolution Cameras

These cameras provide videos with vividly clear high definition pictures. This system has 72-degree viewing angle which ensures a wider field of view of the area under supervision.

Any part of the installed cables are not exposed due to the through mount design which helps protect vandalism and ensures clean and smooth installation.

The innovative ball joint will allow you to position and aim the cameras quickly, easily and securely during the mounting process.


960H Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

This DVR comes with a pre-installed surveillance 2TB hard drive expandable memory for your 960H high resolution recording needs.

This DVR allows overwriting of the disk or ceasing of recording when the memory is full. Samsung will usually provide you with two options to connect to your networks either through the Ethernet cable or wirelessly through optional Wi-Fi adaptor thus removing the need for the DVR to be situated in proximity to your router.

Setting up of this remote viewing is easy. You simply plug your internet connections to the DVR and enable the Samsung Quick Connect directly from the menu then your system will be configured to access the DVR system from your device which can be an iPhone, PC, Mac or Android phone.

Samsung Security Camera Reviews 2018


Privacy Masking and Event Detection

Privacy masking is a unique feature in the DVR, which allows you to block specific areas seen on the screen within the field of view of the camera like neighbors’ property or window.

This enables you to record only areas of importance and enables you avoid legal issues or recording without certification. The event detection feature gives an alert when there is motion, tempering or video loss detected.

This system allows you to view easily the event log for which the camera recorded and the date and time the event took place.

Be Connected At All Times

This feature allows you to monitor any of your 12 cameras at any time from any part of the world on your mobile or laptop device (iPhone, iPad and Android).

Any function of your DVR can be set remotely from your PC. This system allows programming of your SDR-C75300 to send an alert through emails when there is tampering with the system.  It is truly a system that has been developed with user considerations in mind.

Samsung 16 Channel All in one DVR Security System Review


·         Easy installation

·         Remote control

·         Vivid video quality

·         Night vision up to 82 feet

·         Wireless internet connection with adapters


·         DVR fan is a little loud


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How long would 1TB last?

A: This will depend on the quality of your recording. You can increase or decrease this duration based on the quality chosen.

Q: How do I get Audio to work out with my system?

A: You will have to buy the microphones to get the audio to work. They come separate from the system.

Final Verdict

Samsung SDR-C75300 is a great product for your security systems. Do not think twice about this. It is real and works perfectly as described above.

With easy installation procedure which does not require you to be an expert in electronics. Within 2 to 3 hours, you will be done with the installation and ready. The system has a lock just like a laptop does.

All you do is to lock it so that a crook does not make away with your evidence. I therefore highly recommend this product to people who want maximum security at their homes or business premises and who want remote control options at the comfort of their smartphones. You may get more performance from it.

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