CCTV camera cable connectors tools for Installation – CCTV installation guide 2018

We generally knows security camera is equal to cctv camera. The full abbreviation of cctv camera is close circuit television camera. Here we will discuss about cctv camera cable connectors tools for Installation. When we need to install cctv camera system then we need to get help for any technician, or any technical assistant for setup cctv camera cable connector or tools.  Hope it will help you to setup or install any cctv camera cable connector tools. Lets see the cctv installation guide 2018

security camera cables and connectors

CCTV Camera installation is little bit complex for a new beginner. But if you get complete guidelines for it, it will be easy. Just need to learning dvr operating and others work are easy. You will get more information about CCTV camera materials for installation and monitoring here

security camera cables and connectors

At first make an overview for setup cctv camera cable connectors tools. Lets face it!

Where We will setup security camera :

  1. Garden
  2. Garage
  3. Kitchen Room
  4. Bed room
  5. Living room
  6. Study room
  7. Shop
  8. Office
  9. Dairy Firm
  10. Institute
  11. Entrance and exit point of Organization
  12. Store
  13. Vehicle Depot

Considering all these place we have to analyze which camera we will setup there. Lets see!

⇒ Indoor Camera

⇒  Outdoor Camera

⇒  Night Vision Camera

⇒  IP Camera

⇒  Motion Detect Camera

Best Outdoor Camera

People using Indoor camera at kitchen room, bed room, study room, living room etc. outdoor camera uses at garden, garage, dairy firm etc. Night vision camera is perfect for store, vehicle depot and shop. IP camera and motion detect camera is perfect for entrance and exit of organization, institute and office. You can use cctv camera as your choice in the perfect location.

In every place cctv camera system setup is same. Lets see the overview step by step :

  1. Unplug and open all cable (Power Cable, Data Cable and tools)
  2. plug all cable with camera (Power Cable and Data Cable)
  3. plug all cable with dvr (Power Cable and Data Cable)
  4. plug all cable with monitor (Power Cable and Data Cable)
  5. Switch on power of DVR
  6. Switch on Camera
  7. You can see camera view from monitor through DVR

Monitoring is important after installation, so to monitoring cctv footage we have to see all camera view from our smartphone or computer. To view camera from smartphone we can use N_eye application. You can monitor your all camera from outside through internet. You can see the guidelines how to see online cctv camera on pc. Use Blue Stack software to see online cctv camera on pc.


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CCTV Camera Installation Guidelines 2018 – How To Connect CCTV Camera To Laptop –

cctv camera wiring color code

Hello! Greetings from Eyeman. Today I will describe about cctv camera cable type and cctv camera wiring diagram with installation. Best security camera system needs best installation method. You can get a clear guidelines by the following article. Lets see about cctv camera installation guidelines and cctv camera color coding…

CCTV camera Installation guidelines 2018 with cctv camera color coding :

cctv camera wiring color code


How to connect cctv camera to Laptop –

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Top 10 Best cctv camera brand 2018

There are many kinds of camera in the market. But all camera is not perfect. We have to choose best security camera for great performance. Lets see Top 10 Best cctv camera brand of 2018 !

Top 10 Best cctv camera brand 2018 :

Top Security Camera Brand # Number 3 

Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera, Works with Alexa

Check Price From Amazon

Feature of this security camera :

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Ezviz security camera reviews

HD Camera system reviews

Ezviz Security Camera Reviews – It is important to know what features to look for in a product before you purchase it. There has been huge progress in the surveillance system industry recently, with lots of innovative features introduced.

This has led to a stiffer competition among different products of the same category that makes selection very challenging for consumers. Ezviz Security Camera 8 Channel With 1TB Hard disk is a surveillance system that offers a variety of amazing features.

⇒ Check Price From Amazon

Ezviz is known to create high-quality products, and this surveillance camera system has reflected just that. It has superior aesthetics besides its classy and sassy look. Most people who have owned these cameras praise it, saying it works pretty amazingly for the money.

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Best home security camera system consumer reports 2018

wireless security camera system with dvr

You have been trying different home security camera system even the ones in markets. You have read many sources consulted many people about a great security camera system for you and your family, but each time you purchase the one that you think will finally work out, it turns out to be lame. Well first of all, sorry about that.

It’s time to stop counting your losses because here is the ultimate place you will get reliable security camera system. If that is not the case, then it’s your first time to look for this bed of fun or for whatever reason you are reading this. We have researched about thousand of home security camera system and find out best home security camera system. Learn about Best home security camera system consumer reports 2018. Lets face it!

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