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How to choose best security camera for your home or office

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How to choose best security camera for your home or office :

How to choose best security camera – Are you looking for best security camera which is  safe and secured. Trusted, secured and reliable cctv security camera system can fill up your requirements.

Most security cameras detect an event and every moment, record these send you an alert  but they do not all do it in the same way.

Several cameras performs those basics and some can be mounted outdoors. Do not hesitate to read our reviews to find out the best camera, analysis how each camera works in practice and whether its day and night video quality is perfect or not. High definition (HD) quality video will help you to detect any occurrence and taking action immediately.

According to best result from best security camera you have to analysis some feature to select best security camera :

High Definition or Resolution :

High definition or resolution is first priority to select a camera, you can not detect victim face if your camera resolution is poor or log definition.

Good WiFi Range :

High definition camera need good wifi range. By this you can access your camera from the nearest place.


IP Access Opportunity ;

IP access opportunity is better for security camera. You can access security camera from anywhere in the world through IP address. For this you have to connect this IP address with Internet and need P2P cloud from Android mobile for access through app.


Night Vision Advantage :

With night vision advantages you can identify people and their activity easily. It will be more helpful for you to find out any security issue.

Battery Power or Backup Opportunity :

Battery backup is necessary during some occurrence, electricity fail, thundering effect or any other power fault. So its necessary to ensure power backup.

Smart Recording in DVR

Need smart recording for find out any previous occurrence according to time. It will be helpful to find out any unexpected situation, condition and rules.


Lets see some option to identify best security camera :

Cloud Storage in Server

Memory Storage

Mobile App Facility

P2P Cloud Connecting

Motion Sensors option

Two way audio


You need more feature for getting better result and to know How to choose best security camera :

Alerts or Warning : You should get notifications on your cell phone or smart phone when your camera detect any occurrence or unexpected situation.  Without watching the live stream instantly, this is the only way to keep tabs on your home in relative real time.  Depending on the camera, it may send text or sms alerts when it detects motion, sound, illegal situations, a face (known or unknown), or all.  Some camera can send alerts to multiple people, generally anyone else in the household using that product’s app; other peoples will send emails in addition to text messages as a fail-safe in the event you can’t access your mobile or cell phone device.

Cloud recording: Many manufacturer company now providing cloud storage with their camera. They also record video to a server computer in the cloud and store it for 24 hours to a couple of  times. If any kind of unexpected situation occurs or detect some terrorist related event need to select timing of the unexpected event’s time and it can be store in the pen drive or any other flash memory. USB storage device can be used in every camera. Stored video in flash memory will help you to detect timing of unexpected situation time.  With  24 hours and 7 days recording like CCTV systems, you can also rewind and watch any point in time. Every Digital Video Recording (DVR) system stores video up to 1 month to 3 month. It will depend of quantity of camera and quality of video. Cloud recording is the most important for detect and taking action against any kind of unexpected situation.


Lets see some feature at a glance of Best Security Camera System :


Good WiFi Range

IP Access Opportunity

Night Vision Advantage

Battery Power or Backup Opportunity

Smart Recording in DVR

Cloud Storage in Server

Memory Storage

Mobile App Facility

P2P Cloud Connecting

Motion Sensors option


According to these thing you will be able to know How to choose best security camera.





Think about How to choose best security camera, choose the best one.





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